Willows Filtered Water Solutions

Bidwell Water offers the finest bottled water service in Willows CA.
Bidwell Filtered Water and Bottled Water sells water in sizes from 1/2 liter up to five gallon bottles. Try us today!
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Contemporary, durable unit delivers great-tasting water at an affordable price. We provide regular service to change the unit water filters

  • Durable polythylene cabinet is stylish, rust free and modern looking.
  • Large, durable drip tray.
  • Two-Piece easy to service hot tank.
  • Stainless steel reservoir.
  • Dual float system with built-in safety float to prevent overflowing.
  • Energy Star rated.
  • Handles for easy moving, transport and placement.
  • 3-year limited warranty.
  • Models available in white or black.

We also offer 1/2 liter to 5 gallon bottle watered delivery services.

Having bottled water delivered to your door has many benefits to your everyday life and health.

Having a safe and convenient water source for you and your family is paramount. Whether you are taking a road trip, on your morning work commute or traveling on vacation you can never be sure if there will be clean and safe drinking water available along the way or at the destination.

As always Bidwell Water can provide coolers and filtered (Bottless) water solutions to make sure you only get the freshest and safest water available